"The engaging board game that turns food safety into fun, while cultivating a strong safety culture and sparking vital conversations among your teams."


Dive into a dynamic learning experience with Food Safety Legends. Engage your team in immersive gameplay that transforms food safety education into an exciting adventure.

Stronger Food
Safety Culture

Foster a culture of excellence in food safety within your organization. Food Safety Legends brings teams together to reinforce the importance of upholding food safety standards and practices.

Knowledge Checks

Empower food safety managers with real-time insights. Use Food Safety Legends for quick knowledge checks, identifying areas where additional training or support may be needed.

Team Building & Engagement

Strengthen teamwork and boost morale with Food Safety Legends. This game isn't just about learning – it's about building camaraderie and fostering a collaborative spirit among your team members.


Where Champions Rise, Hazards Fall and Legends are Born

Welcome to ‘Food Safety Legends’, where players embark on an immersive journey into the heart of food safety mastery!

In this captivating board game, players navigate through a bustling food production facility, facing a myriad of challenges and pitfalls. From broken thermometers to lurking cross-contamination risks, every obstacle tests their mettle and determination.

As players confront each challenge head-on, they embody the essence of a true food safety legend, tirelessly working to ensure the safety and integrity of every meal. With each hurdle overcome, they gain valuable insights and reinforce the importance of safe food handling practices.

Join the quest to emerge as a true guardian of the public health in ‘Food Safety Legends,’ where every move brings you one step closer to your legendary status!

How to play

Game Mechanics

In the Food Safety Legends Board game, food workers and support staff can play independently or with guidance from a food safety manager. Players test their knowledge while racing around the board to earn the title of the ultimate food safety legend in their establishment.

The game’s structure provides a comprehensive learning experience, allowing players to enhance their food safety knowledge with each play. The objective is to be the first player to cross the finish line. However, players must be cautious as opponents can hinder their progress by sending them backward, introducing additional challenges, or even stealing their advancements.

This competitive aspect heightens player focus throughout the learning process.
Food Safety Legends is suitable for individuals across the food industry spectrum, including food business owners, food safety managers, quality control officers, food handlers, cleaners, packers, cashiers, and more. Regardless of their background or skill level, every player has the opportunity to emerge as the food safety legend in their establishment.

Playing cards

Culture Room

Using Food Safety Legends for Informal Knowledge Assessment

“Transforming food safety assessment from mundane to memorable, Food Safety Legends offers managers a dynamic tool to gauge team knowledge in an engaging, informal setting. Through interactive gameplay, managers can observe, identify, and address areas for improvement, fostering a culture of continuous learning and excellence in food safety management.”

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Strengthening Food Safety Compliance Through Team Building

“Unlock the power of teamwork to elevate food safety compliance! Through collaborative efforts and shared responsibility, organizations cultivate a culture where every team member is empowered to uphold the highest standards of safety and quality. Together, let’s build stronger teams and safer food environments!”

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